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Following are the terms for use of the icons at ...

. . http://www.eikonografos.com.

NOTE: To use an article replace the word "Icons" with "Article".

1. For FREE use on a web page

A. Attribute to us, from anywhere on the page, with a link back to the above URL as follows

"Icons courtesy of www.eikonografos.com used with permission"

This is the HTML code for this attribution (you can hignlight/copy/paste from below).

<!Begin Link to icons Page-->
Icons courtesy of <a href="http://www.eikonografos.com">www.eikonografos.com</a> used with permission.
<!End icons Link-->

B. Notify us by e-mail when step A is completed,
noting the URL address of the page on which our icon(s) appear(s).

2. To use in Presentations or Printed Projects

You are welcome to use in your presentations and printed projects the text and images from our web sites at www.eikonografos.com,
and we ask that you place an acknowledgement such as the following.

"Icons courtesy of www.eikonografos.com, used with permission."

Or "Source: www.eikonografos.com, used with permission."

NOTE: We dont' have copyright in some images in category "ORTHODOX ICONS OF OTHERS HAGIOGRAPHERS". So you must attribute to us only "Source: www.eikonografos.com".
For more details please contact me via e-mail.

3. For publication or distribution without acknowledgement/link as above,
including unattributed placement on a web site

Please contact me via e-mail.
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